BCal help system:   The Tutorial

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The BCal help system will guide you through each step in the tutorial.  You can advance to the next step by selecting the "Next" button.  You can move back to the previous step by clicking the "Back" button.  By clicking the "Show me" button, an illustrative page for the current step will be displayed in the BCal work area above.

In order that you see only what we feel will help you to learn to use BCal (and to avoid mistakes!), the tutorial is not an active part of the software.  It is created from the pages that BCal would serve to you were you actively working on this particular site, but the internal hypertext links have been disabled.  You should always navigate through the tutorial using the buttons within this frame.

This tutorial was written at the same time as we were putting the finishing touches to the software itself. There may be some minor differences between the software as it is now and the tutorial, but the general usage of BCal, which this tutorial aims to put across, is the same.

To begin, click the "Next" button.

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