BCal:  The Tutorial

Welcome to the BCal tutorial.  This tutorial is intended to help you to learn how to use BCal and to understand the concepts behind the software.  The tutorial will take you through all the steps needed to define, calibrate and view the results of an analysis of data from a real archaeological site.

We will use as our example a Polynesian fishpond site on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  This site was chosen because it is simple, yet requires the use of a variety of BCal's facilities.  After working through the tutorial you should be ready to start using BCal for your own sites of varying complexity.

The tutorial is designed to have the same appearance as the software itself.  The frame you are reading now is the BCal work area.  The frame to the left is the BCal menu.  The frame below is the BCal help system.  The BCal help system will guide you through the tutorial in a sequential manner, explaining the actions taken at each step.  You will be able to view the an illustrative page for each step within the BCal work area.

You should proceed with the tutorial by moving to the BCal help system below.