BCal help system: The Tutorial

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Step A11:  Checking the radiocarbon data

After selecting "Radiocarbon data" from the stage bar, we are presented with a list of all the radiocarbon determinations we have entered.  These are separated into tables depending on their group.  The tables allow us to check that the data we have provided is correct.

If we gave an incorrect value for a determination, we could correct it by selecting the appropriate "Modify" button on the table.  This would display the radiocarbon data elicitation page for that determination.  If we wanted to remove a determination, we would select the "Delete" button.  This action shows a warning, before the determination is removed.

Our data are correct, so we can continue with the elicitation process.  To do this in the live BCal software we would need to select the "Continue" link underneath the stage bar.  SInce you are currently running the tutorial, just select the "Next" button as before.

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