BCal help system: The Tutorial

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Step A10:  Breaking the flow of questions

At the top of each page, underneath the project title, is the stage bar.  This lists all of the elicitation stages that have been completed, as well as the current stage.  We have completed the stages "Outline", "Groups" and  "Radiocarbon data".  Our current stage is "Pooled means".  Under normal operation of BCal, each of these stage names is a hypertext link.  Selecting one of them would take you to a page that lists the data elicited at that stage.  It is always a good idea to check that the radiocarbon data we have entered is correct and so we should select the "Radiocarbon data" link within the stage bar.  For the purposes of this tutorial, the links have been disabled - You should instead select "Next" to see the effect of the operation.

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