BCal help system:   The Tutorial

Show the corresponding software page in the BCal work area

Step A1:  After logging on

With all the archaeological information clearly laid out in this way, we are now ready to start putting it into BCal.  If this were not a tutorial, this is the point at which you would need to login to BCal.  You would do this via the "User login" button on the BCal homepage.  This presents a new window in which you would enter your user name and PIN.  Having done that you would be presented with a window similar to the one you are using now.  Inside the BCal work area you would see the project manager list page.  This page lists all of the projects that reside in your personal BCal workspace.  At this stage in the tutorial, we have not yet created any projects and so this list is empty.  Select the "Show me" button to view the relevant screen now.

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