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Step A15:  Group priors elicitation II

The group priors elicitation page for Layer II is now shown.  Again, a form is given for each boundary parameter of the group.  This time we have some absolute a priori chronological information for one of the boundary parameters.  Recall that the pond was deliberately back filled in 1941 AD.  The late boundary parameter (beta 2) of this group represents the calendar date associated with this event.  We can, therefore, assign an exact date to beta 2.  This date is 9 cal BP.

The relative a priori chronological information is already set.  We have already told BCal that Layer III abuts and is earlier than Layer II.  As a result, BCal automatically deduced that Layer II abuts and is later than Layer III.  All we need to do is check that this is correct before proceeding.

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