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Step D9:  Viewing the modified project

We can now see the effect of our modification.  There is clearly now a hiatus in between Layer III and Layer II.  We can be sure our modification was applied as we intended.  After briefly checking that the rest of the definition is correct, we can continue.

Note:  We are now ready to calibrate the project.  The steps needed to calibrate the project are identical to those described earlier.  Consequently, we will just outline those steps here.

  1. Return to the project manager list page by selecting "Project Manager".
  2. Select the "Submit" button for this project.
  3. After reviewing the calibration settings, select the "Submit" button to start the calibration.
  4. On completion of the calibration return to the project manager list page.
  5. Select the "Results" button for this project.
We have stored the results of the recalibration and are now ready to interpret them.  Recall that BCal is able to provide an estimate of the length of time elapsed between two parameters.  Producing this for the length of time between the start of Layer III and the end of Layer II, i.e. the hiatus between the two groups, would be a useful way to investigate this effect.  To look at this we should select "View Posterior probability distributions for estimates of the time elapsed between parameters".

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