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Step B2:  Calibration submission

The calibration submission page is the final step needed to calibrate a project.  This page allows us to set the calibration parameters for the simulation.  These affect how the simulation will perform.  We will use the default values here and this is what we recommend for all novice users of the software.  If you are working on a bigger project than this one, if you have lots of prior information, or if you have problems with getting your site to calibrate you may need to consider changing these values, we will give some suggestions about this in Part D of this Tutorial (see Contents).   Selecting "Submit" will submit the project for calibration.

Note:  The smoothness of the graph depends partly on the bin widths you set when you submit the job for calibration. If you want smoother (or less smooth) results you need to resubmit your job, setting the bin widths appropriately.

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